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Nikita Wels's Profile

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Nikita Wels

Customers rated Nikita Wels 5 out of 5 based on 36 reviews

Great body, great smile, great cock!=)
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Oct 18th @ 12:46am EDT

You can not win the one who does not give up. Very beautiful and accurate words.


Oct 13th @ 8:11pm EDT

You have thought about how true love is very rare in this life, but true friendship is even more rare.


Oct 10th @ 1:58am EDT

If you do not sleep at night, you can see a lot of not ordinary things.


Oct 6th @ 10:22pm EDT

I think feelings are the brightest part of our lives.


Oct 5th @ 5:06am EDT

In the fall you can sit down, drink a cup of tea. Cover the blanket and think about life


Sep 25th @ 5:48pm EDT

Never listen to anyone. Have your opinion, your head, your thoughts and ideas, plans for life. Do not chase anyone - just a step to the meeting, but not after. Nobody wants you. This is life. No one will build your happiness for you!


Sep 24th @ 5:54am EDT

Do you have a dream? Distant, unrealizable, but so desirable. Would you like your dream to become a goal? To do this, just need to make a plan and all. Your dream becomes a goal


Sep 20th @ 5:17pm EDT

Do you like travelling? so many people and so many different opinions. Anyone wants to heat,sun, relaxing at the beach, and someone on the contrary choose to stay in colder climates. Well, there are those who choose the mountains to relax from the bustle of the city. What did you choose?

Just live!

Nov 11th @ 8:28pm EST

If you are sad, and new year still far away and birthday also, arrange your holiday just for no reason, call your friends, neighbors with whom you interact and spend fun time. In the end, we only live once I believe that life should be a place not only for sadness and tears, but also for fun. Many of us are loaded with work, everyday life and stress, we have forgotten what it means to LIVE so let's think about it and remember how beautiful life is!

Fettered heart

Sep 13th @ 8:35pm EDT

Fettered heart, free mind. If hard to put your heart and keeping it in captivity, it is possible to give much freedom to the mind, â" I've said it once already. But I don't believe in it, assuming that they themselves do not know this.

Love those moments)

Sep 12th @ 11:54pm EDT

Love those moments when you Wake up in the morning, and so good, calm and happy. And then the head begins to emerge the whole stuff that's going on in your life... and are slowly losing your mind)))

two trees

Sep 5th @ 12:29am EDT

Once a long time ago grew in the same forest two trees. When raindrops fall on the leaves or water washed the roots of the first tree, it absorbed quite a bit, and said:
â" If I take any more, what will be left to others?
The second tree was taking all the water that nature gave him. When the sun gave light and heat to the second tree, and it enjoyed basking in a Golden glow, and the first had taken only a small part.
The years have passed. The branches and leaves of the first tree was so small that it could not absorb even a drop of rain, the sun's rays could not get to the meager fruits, lost in the crowns of other trees.
â" My whole life I give to others, and now instead of getting nothing, quietly repeated the tree again and again.
Next to growing a second tree, which was luxurious branches were profusely decorated with large fruit.
â" Thank you, God, for what you have given me everything in this life. Now years later, I want to give a hundred times more, in doing so, as do you. Under its branches I covered thousands of travelers from the scorching sun or from the rain. My fruits will please many generations of people with its taste. Thank you, you gave me the opportunity to give, said the second tree.

Melancholy sounds

Aug 30th @ 9:46pm EDT

Melancholy sounds in the silence.
The wind plays on the fragile organ...
Spreading a haze of mist on the river...
Thoughts, like birds, flew South.
Through rain clouds shroud
The sun to the earth to get tired...
Beaded pours rain on the grass.
Autumn again pearls lost.
Drop by drop, like beads of rain
Nieet on the thin thread of a web.
And as interweave rubies on the necklace
Bright berries of bunches of Rowan.


Aug 30th @ 12:11am EDT

Darker nights, cooler morning fog. Does not dry the dew before noon, sparkle beads in the spider's web, like a necklace.
Necklaces, necklace â" a gift of autumn for a housewarming party!
How long is it in the meadows circled the elegant dance of butterflies, Golden midges, gloh flowers from the chirping of grasshoppers, and bumblebee gasped in his velvet, with a lush collar fur coat! Now everything is different. Grass clippings, stacks rain-darkened. Can not see the butterflies, silent grasshoppers violin the violin, the coat became bumblebees fit. Anyone on the late flowers, some bees, and they seem a little taller, raised his thick black collars...
Morning wire power lines unipivot swallows. Not today, tomorrow they go.
Review spend orcas. Everything in the collection? Are you all ready? As if on cue, and fly all at once, make a circle, the other over the fields, meadows, again unipivot wire.
It's time to go, time to go. Goodbye, village on the hills! In the spring, the fields and meadows darling!

Wore the autumn colorful dress

Aug 26th @ 6:41pm EDT

Wore the autumn colorful dress,
Yellow handkerchief, sandals with a catch,
Came out on the porch at the dawn misty,
A shoulder shrug: studeno and damp.
Under the porch a muddy, yellow leaf falls,
At the well puddle per night is not dry.
You don't hit the shoulders on a cold wind
Go to the hut Yes priprus the window.
Netopi the stove, lit the torch,
Karoti at the spinning wheel the dark hours.


Aug 5th @ 11:30pm EDT

Fasting, a husband and a cat I do not support and otherwise have fun at my expense. Husband for Breakfast, I somehow cooked sausage, then the sausage sandwich made, but the cat it still surpassed. While we were at work, he opened the fridge (this is normal for us), pulled out a stick of sausage, ate it from one end and put it next to MY pillow. Well, imagine the reaction of her husband who found her!!! The setup of the bases! Long-jiving! Now at every sentence about the food I remember that I consume at night, under a blanket sausage...

The case on the railway

Jul 29th @ 11:07pm EDT

That train was going. Suddenly the driver sees: on the rails is the woman in black and waving a handkerchief.
The driver stopped the train came. Looks - nobody there. Went on. Looks - again, a woman stands.
He left her no again. He began looking around and saw two boys tied to a tree.
That's what it turned out. They mother died and father married another woman. The stepmother took a dislike to the boys, took them into the woods and tied to a tree. And she was gone. The engineer began to show photos of relatives, you ought to know who he saw. And he pointed to a picture of his mother.

Photo girls

Jul 23rd @ 12:47am EDT

One student was bored in class and looking out the window. On the grass he saw thrown by somebody in the photo. He went out into the yard and picked up the: on it was depicted a very beautiful girl. She was wearing a dress, red shoes, and she showed up a mark V. the Guy asked everyone if they had seen this girl. But no one knew. In the evening he put the photo beside the bed, and at night he was awakened by a soft sound, like someone scratching at the glass. In the darkness he heard a woman laughing. The boy left the house and started looking for the source of the voice. He quickly removed, and the guy didn't notice how slowly behind him, ran out into the roadway. He was hit by a car. The driver jumped out of the car and tried to rescue the downed, but it was too late. And then the man noticed on the ground a picture of a pretty girl. She was wearing a dress, red shoes and it showed three fingers.

There lived a guy

Jul 19th @ 1:17am EDT

There lived a guy. He was the same as everyone else, no different. One day he decided to visit his Homeland. Arrived, met up with old friends and in the evening decided to go to the shore of the Caspian sea. Walking on the still warm sand, he suddenly saw a girl of extraordinary beauty, with black as pitch hair and large, sad eyes. Long he stood and watched her, not daring to approach. And she didn't even pay attention to him. So he went, not knowing who this girl was. The next day he again saw her at the beach. She sat up and slowly poured the sand from one hand to the other. He approached her and began to say how beautiful she is, and that he has never seen such a lovely creature, and probably never will meet. But she didn't react to his words, she just looked at him with her sad eyes and quietly turned away. At this point he was ready to scream of resentment. The next day he left... But fate is fate. And here he was again at home, and went back to the beach. He never thought I'd see her again, but she sat in the same place where he saw her last. Not what, not hoping, he walked back. Seeing him, her eyes suddenly filled with joy. And she started to pull on the sand the letters. She said she loved him from the moment I saw you for the first time, but could not answer him, because she couldn't hear him... YES, SHE was DEAF and dumb. And from that day on, every day she came to the sea hoping to see him. After all that, the young man began to cry. He knew nothing and still dare to hold it against her once. He hugged her tightly and was not able to let go, Since they are often seen on the shore, beautiful and happy.


Jul 15th @ 12:26am EDT

Comes neighbor, sad to ugliness, I ask, what happened? Says sadly that his wife had Packed her things and ran off to his. Asked about the reason. Was this, he is a good man, not a fool to drink and not a fool to go to the left. Well-wishers any time his wife was trying to "open your eyes", but she believed him and only dismissed ( turns out there are women). And that he decided to reinforce the proof of the suspicion, in short, jumped with both feet on the side and when you leave, you accidentally confused briefs, ( ashamed to say I have always believed, that this is impossible), but he managed to do it:-) Arriving home, citing fatigue, undressing, trying to dive under the covers of the marital bed, but was stopped by a cry of righteous. She looked at him vyrastili eyes and poked a finger somewhere below the waist. Moving his gaze to the place our "Casanova" I saw your fatal miscalculation. After 15 minutes he became a bachelor, a week holostyakov until he was forgiven , but you can see everything from his missus left, as now it often suits his interrogation. Well, here he is guilty, go to the left comparable to the error of the sapper, and there are known once is enough to make a mistake.

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