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Nikolas Hunk

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hot blue jeans.
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Just a thought at nightfall.

Oct 11th @ 1:35am EDT

Sometimes it's just getting started with the man, and you know - it's yours to all 100%! Unity shower there and some invisible bond as to understand each other. You just ease with him as if on the same wavelength. sometimes words are not necessary, you can easily make jokes without fear of not being understood, many can chat and automatically start to take care of and worry about him. it does not matter that you disagree interests, not the fandom, not the OTP - is generally all the details - with the likes of warm and cozy, they pull with all his heart, and communication and attention It makes you happy.

"Cookbook of happiness," the recipe.

Oct 7th @ 11:55pm EDT

You will need:
- Summer (can be replaced in late spring)
- Lack of hot water
- pelvis
- kettle
- strength of will
1. Wait for spring / summer, when carried out a planned shutdown hot water.
2. Wash only heated in the kettle for two weeks with water
3. In no case do not go to bathe their relatives / friends
4. Within two weeks of torment take a warm relaxing shower (you can take a bath)
5. Done! Are you happy as ever!

Sports heals body and soul, and mind.

Oct 3rd @ 11:25pm EDT

I do not go to the gym today. A thousand reasons found ... Each of them - empty excuse. Today, I just allowed myself to spend a lazy limp rag.

And now I think - nothing, probably, did not go. Sport as a sex - started, so do not stop, otherwise it affects the well-being and mood disappears ... Therefore decided not to waste time to rest and move at the same time with his friends in the hall.

Not yet says nothing, that life - is a motion. The life and energy. Move, tired of the soul - and I feel so much pleasure, that's just luck.

Faster, higher, stronger.

Oct 1st @ 7:22pm EDT

Recently, there was thought ...
Something like that, historically, that's all I think in his life achievements, everything that I have in my heart proud of - none of this was easy for me.
It was all through overcoming, through I can not, not through want and I will not.
Sometimes, from the awareness of this fact, I fell into a depression and thought: why life is so unfair to all? Someone bring Happiness on a silver platter, but I have to chew on stones, break, break, cross and overcome. And then came the understanding that the apparent lightness of being of others - it is also a fiction.
You can simply go with the flow, and do not even score a damn, but you can swim against the current, but do a lot, and then even more. And further. Faster, higher, stronger.

Everybody lies

Oct 1st @ 12:55am EDT

I'm sure that while I'm bad thoughts about someone (in the rest of my dear man), others, many, if not all, have similar thoughts about me. Someone silent notes contain constructive criticism, which has a value that is simply difficult enough to teach me so that she a positive impact, and they too lazy to me, "to educate". And someone left contain opinions that can be ignored, prejudice and even just envy. But the people are silent, smile and do not say those filthy or just unpleasant things, and I at the same time sweet talk. Everybody is happy, no one is offended. Still lying on the little things.

Lucky me

Sep 28th @ 1:55am EDT

I am surrounded by soap operas, in which good and cute nyashnye men as a result are spies and double agents. Where did all these writers know that this is my secret kink? Or I was just drawn to such series as Martinovski Watson pulls to the danger?

Thoughts are material

Sep 22nd @ 6:54pm EDT

For several days nurturing in mind this post, and then yesterday I heard from a girl card grave "For someone to love to have me," and I load the trigger. All that we say - the other party out loud or silently itself - is, roughly speaking, a request to space and / or psychological setting.
In fact - just ask to be very careful. Know exactly what you ask, from whom, for what, why, if there is a willingness to requested. And love - a thing to deal with that general need very carefully as with a grenade. whose pull check. Rewind back then can not, there exists only one type of motion - forward, and on the rise. Warning.

How they can not be sure?

Sep 18th @ 7:34pm EDT

Do not cease to be surprised how smart, talented, successful and beautiful people (not to mention the fact that the dream of thousands of women, and this is no exaggeration) manage absolutely sincerely believe that they just got lucky, that at any moment it could end, because that they are not good enough, they do not deserve, nothing special at all and do more ashamed of his own fame.
No, seriously, the combination of talent with uncertainty seems so wrong. Although if you think about - why, exactly?

The world inside me.

Aug 19th @ 8:12pm EDT

For your window - the whole world, and it is not worse than the one that you can see inside with the help of a cunning system of mirrors. Some even believe that this is one and the same world. well, to prove is that no one did not work, right? So harsh mathematics hardly believe this theory, considering it conjecture) maybe it's for the best. it has long been known - the magic of where the faith rather than exact calculations. Although, as practice shows, the other one did not exclude) Dislikes just.

The film "Pompeii" failed.

Aug 15th @ 11:11pm EDT

The entire film bellow. Paphos Paphos Paphos!
No, well, slave, talking to the horses, pontovy gladiator from the province.
All right, girl.
Gladiators, the volcano, the Romans, the intrigue ...
But when the eruption began, the miracles began.
The tsunami crashed against the city wall, in view of the fact that it has a gate. The dam, not otherwise.
Gladiator, breaking the sword of their intestines - a bitter Faile! Or bitter tasting. Not determined yet.
Chariot on the streets of the city the dying, the girl opens the lock shackles sliver floor chariot ...
In general, you do not need to.

Hey, guys! Im back today!

Jul 31st @ 11:38pm EDT

Hey guys today monday 1st august day and it mean that NIKOLAS(me or mr Great ass) back online today!
Hope you will still glad being with me! Meet online! I have any special surprise for my spesial members


Post about relationship.

Jul 21st @ 12:41am EDT

Great and merciful Heaven, yes, we're all packs may at any time withdraw from the contact, it is not necessary for this great mind! The mind is needed to establish this contact, support, develop, owes nothing ottoptat and other ...
Why emphasize this here because their "freedom"? Her Well anyway, no one can take away if we do not play in the "Collector" Fowles. But if you go into contact, confess to yourself that you are going to contact, and go to it! And do not hold any demonstrations, there will be plenty of reasons already in this contact.
If anything, I was not only about the love / partnership, I'm talking about any relationship.

Sometimes philosophy lies.

Jul 13th @ 11:55pm EDT

I'm to lie philosophically. Of course, if I am deceived by fraudsters as a result of lies I lose money, I would be a shame. But I would be offended for themselves, that does not recognize the lies.
Lie to me is not synonymous with infamy. While it may, the fact is that I'm good for crawlers in general (well, and as for the particulars, then there is on the individual and depends on the situation).
Do I lie to myself? Rarely. I find it easier not to do it, besides all written on his face. Therefore I do so only in a strategically important order) My method - it is silence or half-soft, so it is used more often.

I never thought someone can hate so much.

Jul 12th @ 8:48pm EDT

I never thought someone can hate so much. I don't think you can hate that person. Although there... thought... I know... Hate it... Hate it with all my heart. With all my being.

I'm tired of love.

Jul 8th @ 6:50pm EDT

I'm tired of love, All that is connected with it. And your confessions, Here I am where they all are. Our meetings commotion, the Repetition of phrases. I'm exhausted to the bottom, I can't, not now. Got all seriously, Let alone.

What's important for love?

Jul 4th @ 5:16pm EDT

Tell me, what's important for love? who will tell age, who brains, and may be important here rise, and to the heart, he will pave the bridge? Perhaps very important weight, muscles, eyes slit, and someone is looking for a shower kinship, that understanding came.

I'm sorry about a lot of things.

Jun 27th @ 7:34pm EDT

I'm sorry about a lot of things, what did and what did not. Regret that many people have not asked forgiveness, regret what I did with them, and probably for what I've done is now paying the price...

Thinly noticed!

Jun 20th @ 9:06pm EDT

I read today in the news line:
"If a person does not smoke or drink, then inevitably the question arises - and if he did not the bastard?" Anton Chekhov.
I do not smoke and do not drink. And I do not use drugs. But I fight, swear and gamble.
And yes, I am - a bastard)

Sometimes, unhappy in love.

Jun 18th @ 5:32pm EDT

Sometimes, unhappy in love, we make ourselves, it happens in cases where we are influenced by other people, indulge your whims, or simply suffer from low self-esteem.

Slightly carried away.

Jun 14th @ 3:01am EDT

Sometimes a mood ... from modern music begins nauseated, movies do not climb, and favorite books are read out to the holes. Not very pleasant moments, and if they coincide with a sharp rejection of something new, then at least on a wall climb. Found himself stupid scrolling tabs, switch off the computer and go - somewhere to get away from thinking and familiar environment. Domestic duties, a bit of work, to walk in the rain and have lunch in the cafe. Leaves, returns - and again rolls.

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