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Flavio Garay's Profile

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Flavio Garay

Customers rated Flavio Garay 5 out of 5 based on 47 reviews

A hard man is good to find.
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May 8th @ 8:43pm EDT

Guys, my next shows are:

Thursday, May 10, at 10 pm EDT
Saturday, May 12, at 11:30 pm EDT
Tuesday, May 15, at 10:30 pm EDT
Thursday, May 17 at 01:30 pm EDT

Free for Fan Club Members.

Not a Fan Club Member? Join now!

Interested in only one show? Contact me to get access.



May 2nd @ 9:49pm EDT


Show # 1: Th, May 03, at 10 pm EDT
Show # 2: Fr, May 04, at 10 pm EDT
Show # 3: Sa, May 05, at 10 pm EDT


Show # 4: Mo, May 07, at 10 pm EDT
Show # 5: Tu, May 08, at 10 pm EDT
Show # 6: We, May 09, at 10 pm EDT

TIP: Save your time because each show in around 60 minutes.
TIP: During the shows I will be open to your requests.

Fan Club Members have free access to all these shows. Not a Fan Club Member? Join now!

Interested in watching my shows without being a member? Contact me and I will be very happy to give you an access to the show you are interested in.



May 1st @ 10:23am EDT

Thank you very much for being part of my last contest!

I just gave free access to the video "Ride My Cock, Boy" to these winners:

- Jeffrey Dude (I still owe you 1 video).
- Dream Maker (I still owe you 4 videos)
- Jarito S (I still owe you 1 video)
- Sully (I still owe you 5 videos)
- Victory D (I still owe you 3 videos)
- Eagle Rock (I still owe you 1 video)
- Joe (I still owe you 1 video)
- Bob Husbear (I still owe you 3 videos)
- LA Cake (I still owe you 3 videos)
- NYC Man (I still owe you 9 videos)
- Han Zome (I still owe you 9 videos)
- LaKK 875
- Mike M

To find it please log in, go to "My Account", "My Content", "My Collection", and there you are: ready to watch for free!

If you like the video, please leave a review there. Your comments will be very helpful. Also, please leave a thumb up if you think I deserve it.

Enjoy! And I will talk to you soon...


(Twitter: FG_4U / Instagram: flavio_garay)

Video Sale plus FREE HOT STUFF

Apr 29th @ 2:13am EDT

The videos I will be offering you during this Weekly Sale (from April 30 to May 5) are the following:

#1 "Loading my Socks" - 70% off!
#2 "Load Wearing Socks" - 90% off!

Anyone who leaves a review on any of these videos will get a 30-day FREE access to one of my best recorded performances.

Also, please remember to leave a thumb up!


Video Sale plus FREE HOT STUFF

Apr 22nd @ 7:10am EDT

The videos I will be offering you during this Weekly Sale are the following:

#2 "Fuck Me - Ass Roleplay" - 60% off!

#2 "Whole View to Cum Hard" - 70% off!

Check them out and please leave a thumb up!

Reviews are very appreciated.

Your comments will help other viewers to know what to expect when they are searching for some hot male action. Also, your comments motivate me to continue improving in my shows.

Anyone who leaves a review on any of these videos will get FREE access during 30 days to one of my best performances ever.

The Weekly Sale will end on April 28, so reviewers please check your account on April 29 to find my xxx gift.


PVT Winners

Apr 20th @ 8:49pm EDT

I was sick the last two weeks. I will be back online next Monday after the housekeeper leaves. Guys who won PVT shows in the last contest are welcome to redeem their tickets anytime till December 31, 2018.

Fan Club memberships will be extended accordingly to the days I have been off. In that manner, members will not miss any of my sexy shows.

Keep enjoying my chatroom!


Fan Club Members

Apr 10th @ 4:33pm EDT

This week (April 8 to 14) I will not be performing the scheduled shows for my Fan Club Members. I still have a little fever, so I will take the week off till I get better.

Every Fan Club membership will be extended 7 days, so you will not miss a single minute of these hot experiences I have designed for you.

In the meantime, you might want to check my newest videos. Please feel free to leave me a review or a comment letting me know what you like most about my shows, and please share with me some ideas about how I can better fulfill your sexual fantasies.


About my Recent Reviews

Apr 4th @ 7:42am EDT

You melt my heart, guys.
You are awesome.

Right now, I should be getting my luggage ready to take my flight tomorrow. But I'm still here reading your nice reviews in my profile, answering your messages in my mail box, and checking your comments in my videos.

It's a great feeling when you tell me "you made my day", or "you make me smile", or "you make me happy", or "I'm having fun", or "stay another hour, dude!", or "are you going to be here tomorrow?".

I couldn't be online much lately. I'm working in a couple of situations that I need to get solved by the end of the year. Still, the few hours we spent together these lasts few days were just spectacular.

Easter Weekend was amazing: you flooded my room with almost 500 eggs. Thanks to all of you!!!

If you have fun, I have fun.
If you smile, I smile.
When you say "LMAO", I go crazy.

Keep enjoying my room.
Keep having fun with my shows.
Keep chatting with me.
Keep in touch.

I will keep bringing you a lot of fun.


Upcoming Oiled Cock & Thick Cum Shows

Mar 26th @ 10:52am EDT

The schedule is:

- Monday, Apr 2 at 9 pm EDT

- Tuesday, Apr 3 at 9 pm EDT

- Saturday, Apr 7 at 5 pm EDT

Each show will last a minimum of 60 minutes.

During the shows I will be open to your requests.

Fan Club Members have free access to all these shows.

Not a Fan Club Member? Join now!

Interested in only one show? Contact me and get access.



There is a new guitar in Flirt

Mar 18th @ 2:32pm EDT

Have you ever seen the rain? is my newest song. Come to my room and sing it with me. Also look to my repertory below. There are new songs every week. XOXO FG.

New FG videos available

Mar 18th @ 2:01pm EDT

They are right here in my BIO. Find the ones named JIZZ ON FEET and WHEREVER YOU GO... Watch, enjoy and, if you have a minute, and you liked them, please leave a nice review. THANKS XOXO FG.

A sex quote I found in a book

Jan 16th @ 1:55pm EST

SEX is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.

Marquis de Sade


Hi, guys. I will be going to the gym in about an hour. I will hit my back and my biceps, and my glutes too... I will be online with you today at around 5 pm EST.

I'm still in Mexico City (a.k.a. CDMX). On February I will return to Buenos Aires. For those of you that haven't seen my place there please add me to your favorites and turn on the notifications: I will be doing shower shows, I will be giving naked cooking lessons, I will be working out in my home gym, and I will be teasing my neighbors dancing in the balcony, hahaha.

Thank you very much for your active participation in my chatroom every day. I have a lot of fun and that is because of you.

My name is Flavio Garay, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I hope you enjoy every time we spend together.



Smilers never lose (and frowners never win)

Aug 17th @ 2:41pm EDT

New guys coming into my room. New friends that will have a great time with me. New friends that will make ME have a great time.

Mind, soul, and body connection made possible by a mysterious magical click that happens between people alike.

Guys from all over the world smiling with my songs, my poems, and jockstraps. Both excited, horny, happy, and naked.

Every time I check my messages I find a treasure that makes my day. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in!

"Hey Flavio,

First time I have seen you on the site and have to say WOW! I can see why you have such a crowd in the room and attract some members that I have bumped into along the way.

Apart from being such a handsome hunk of a guy have to say your personality over flows your room with a lot of love and warmth. I get the impression you have a lot going for you and most see you as a very warm sincere person. You have a sunshine glow to you that would brighten anyone's day.

In your case the term GAY refers more to your happy mood and warm friendship. Looks on the site attract viewers to a room, but it is personality that keeps the right viewers coming back. In short you are an awesome person and in life that is what really counts.

Thank you for the pleasure of your company and the great group of what seems to be fans in the room. You are a real credit to the site and have a special way to make it a rewarding experience.

All the best!"

The kind of notes I love to read

Aug 14th @ 6:29am EDT

I have been webcamming for a short period now: 4 months and 14 days exactly. When my friends, guys that I have known for several years, ask me, usually surprised, "what are you doing there?", we end up having a long conversation that never arrives to a clear conclusion. I can't just give them a mathematical response.

There are many documentaries out there were sociologists explain webcamming in a way that can be easily understood, but missing, in my opinion, the main point, reachable only by being truly involved in the activity.

When I signed up here I was so very far away of thinking about getting one of the most interesting experiences of my life. By interacting with people through the webcam I got to know a new kind of relationship that, if not experienced, it is almost impossible to understand and explain to others.

I want to share a note that I received a few days ago:

"Hi Flavio,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my email! I really appreciate it! I will try to come to see you. I'd love to hear you sing opera!

Not many guys on the site can write things that get under my skin that way you did. I hope you won't mind if I try once again to figure out and to say what moved me as I read what you have to say on your bio.

I think what gets to me is the combination of body and soul, or the sensuous and the intellectual. I love to think of you (or anyone really) reading philosophy, pondering it, discussing it with others, and in general, taking up the philosophers' lofty concerns. While some philosophers denounce the flesh and the passions, I like the idea of fleshly, passionate creatures stepping up to encompass the sublime mental life of philosophy. I hope you don't mind, but I can't help thinking of men with muscles, sweat glands, thighs, biceps, genitals -these magnificent animals- turning the pages of Plato or Aristotle or Kant! If your love of opera sends me, it's because opera seems at once intellectual and passionate, cerebral and sensuous. It's just like you: travelling a lot to learn as much as you can -a voyage of discovery-, while earning your keep as a sexy dancer.

Okay, I mustn't bore you but, after all, maybe as a performer you like to hear how you affect people, and what it is about you that affects them!

Best of luck, love and health to you!

Your fan,


That's all for now. You guys have a nice week, and hope to see you in my room for a good time.


Back online on July 26th

Jul 18th @ 5:21pm EDT

My dear friends and followers,

Apologies for not following my schedule the last couple of days. I was so busy getting everything ready for my trip. I will travel to Miami this Thursday. I will spend a couple of days there with my friends. After that, I will go to Mexico City. I will stay there for six weeks and I will be broadcasting every day starting on July 26th. Hope to see you then!



See you tomorrow!

Jun 27th @ 3:43pm EDT

Hello, Guys!

Unfortunately, I Will not be broadcasting today Tuesday June 27th. I have a business meeting I must attend to discuss who is coming with me to Mexico City to meet our business partners there. That meeting may take long and I may be arriving home so late, so I deleted the shift I wrote for today.

I will be here tomorrow Wednesday at 9 am EST. Hope to meet you!



"Where are you from, Flavio?"

Jun 12th @ 11:13am EDT

I am from Buenos Aires, the capital city of the Democratic and Socialist Republic of Argentina, located in the southern part of South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with its neighbor Chile to the west, my country is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south.


I missed you...

May 30th @ 6:40pm EDT

Hi guys! I missed you Monday and today. My week started with two very busy days, so I could not be online as scheduled.

I am just about to finish my personal activities, so come to my room tomorrow May 31 at 3 pm EST for a great time. I look forward to seeing you there!



24-hour Marathon, aka FG24

May 24th @ 10:58pm EDT

Are you ready for Sex, Drums, and Rock and Roll?

Don't miss my 24-hour Marathon this week. I will run it from this Friday at 4 pm EST to Saturday 4 pm, nonstop.

Blowing My Thick Load

May 19th @ 10:15pm EDT

This is for those of you who are in the FG-4-F program. You already watched the video called 'Blowing My Thick Load'. Some of you asked me how to review it so I contacted technical support. They checked what was going on, and they gave me this answer:

'Hi Flavio, we conducted several tests to review the issue with the review, and have found that customers of all types should be able to write a review on this video. Can you give me further details on the issue? Do they at least have the option to show you can leave a review or will it just not let them submit it after typing it out?'

Please write me so I can let technical support know more details in order to solve this issue.

See you guys tomorrow, xoxo


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