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Anderson Rendon's Profile

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Anderson Rendon

Customers rated Anderson Rendon 5 out of 5 based on 57 reviews

leave your wishes in my hands that I'll take care of making it come true !!!
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Dec 3rd @ 12:28pm EST

is official guys I have returned to action, I miss very please and for you I have returned and I hope to please you in what you most want that is the only way to make me happy, filling you with pleasure will be my biggest wish no matter the time or the I'll be there for you, you just have to leave me a message with the day and time and I'll be there for you

what is love ?

Aug 25th @ 2:59pm EDT

Love is an intelligent construction of two wise people, who decide to be friends, companions, accomplices, cronies, and good lovers. That in spite of the problems that never fail, they are chosen every morning to continue walking together for life ".

i am

Jul 8th @ 6:15pm EDT

I'm 22 yo and I like to do many things like sports, watch TV and start new friendships =) Also I like to talk with smart and sweet people and of course I love sex lol. I hope you like me and become my friend or maybe more :P and give my heart to receive alguien who wants my body

looking for new fetishes

Jul 8th @ 4:29pm EDT

good afternoon my guys I have decided to seek new pleasure and for that I need your help if you have a pleasure and want to share and practice with me let me tell you that I will leave my soul and heart to please you to the fullest, sure we will enjoy it because I enjoy a lot new forms of pleasure

addicted to pain

Jul 7th @ 8:30pm EDT

good night my friends I want to share with you a new experience of pain and highly recommended, if you are also addicted to pain as I recommend you use hot wax on your skin is an exquisite pain that has no description, it will surely take you to the limit of pleasure As you usually do for me, if you are a teacher of pain and want to share your experience I invite you to visit my room

I love punishment

Jun 27th @ 9:29pm EDT

good night my gentlemen, here I want to tell you what I love most doing privately, although I can be a very smiling and sweet chio what I love the most is punishment, whipping my big ass very hard, twisting my breasts to the limit the torture of my balls I love I am addicted pain and it has become my pleasure and desire

a place

Jun 27th @ 9:17pm EDT

Good evening, my most loyal fans, thank you for being here. In this little block, you will know me a little better this time. I want to open my mind with you to find out what kind of thoughts I like and what I do not like, what is my way of acting and my values ââis very important that every detail they want to know about me without any regret ask me that I with the greatest pleasure in the world I will clarify many things they have in doubt, so I invite you to my room

motivation night

Jun 27th @ 9:13pm EDT

after having had a quiet night I decided to go early to demand my body in the gym to achieve a healthy lifestyle and above all to please the people who look at me, the personal trainer admires many me abs he says they are all a piece of art in me and those words of my coach motivate me to make more beautiful and sexy for you my favorite people


Jun 26th @ 12:02am EDT

people ask me if I have a fetish and I always answer my biggest fetish is to meet other fetishes and make it a reality, I love knowing that a fetish makes you explode with emotion and pleasure if you have a fetish and want to share it with me I will be willing to everything for making it come true I wait for you soon,


Jun 25th @ 11:54pm EDT

I have always thought that love is the most beautiful thing that human beings say that exists but what I find most beautiful in how that feeling is so strong and unites two boys and that they love each other madly, when love comes to my door what I am going to treat so special that I consider that the person who comes to fall in love I will take care of taking him to paradise

very good night my guys

Jun 25th @ 11:48pm EDT

Can someone define the word happiness? I still wonder why happiness is not forever because it always turns out to be something that will deaden you happiness because there is no happiness forever because it is a phrase you only use it in fairy tales? because people can not live with a big smile all day long, but my real question is, can I make you happy even for a moment?

andy wishes

Jun 23rd @ 5:41pm EDT

good afternoon to all my followers once again I want to talk a little more about me, I've always wanted to find the perfect way to please them to the limit but that more of me depends on you, that gives me the confidence to put all your wishes In my hands, let me show you that I can make you very happy in different ways I invite you to come into my room and realize how interesting I can be, happy rest of the day

my next vacations

Jun 23rd @ 1:06am EDT

good night thank you once more quered to know a little more about me, this time the theme is my new holidays and I would love to hear options and suggestions I want these new holidays to be different and special it is time to rest after a hard year of work and very successful and I owe everything to you, that each one has given me the confidence to put all their wishes in my hands for that and much more I say a thousand and a thousand thanks

cook another great taste

Jun 23rd @ 1:02am EDT

I have gone through most of Colombia trying and cooking new flavors and increasingly I say that Colombian food is the best and more if it is cooked by me, I have developed my talent and for several years I think I have the gift of a good chef to whom Nobody to stop congratulating me after tasting each dish always receive applause and smiles of gratitude, and you tell me ready to test my dishes?

un sueño por cumplir

May 30th @ 10:28pm EDT

Hello again I am here talking a little more about me and I wanted to tell you that I have a dream and that big dream is to travel to Paris, it is so beautiful what they say to me from Paris that I always start watching videos of Paris and I get excited So much that it has become a big dream for you I hope you can do it I would aria the happiest man in the world, and if you are Paris I invite you to tell me a little more about the beautiful Paris

una pasión mas !!!

May 30th @ 8:16pm EDT

good night my guys readers here I have a passion but I mean I'm not very good but little by little I'm perfecting my notes, I love the guitar the melodies take me to heaven, I love playing my guitar in the forest just sunset with a glass of wine, sounds romantic do not you think? I invite you to keep me company while you delight with my company and my notes. Beware that you can fall in love haha ââ:)

A little about me

May 30th @ 8:11pm EDT

Hi, how are you? It's a pleasure that you're reading this. My name is Anderson and you want to know who Anderson is? let me tell you a little more about me I am a person who has a mix between daring and shy and my best role is to be very complacent, I like to sport the gym jogging in the mornings, I am just like you a person with dreams and goals that day to day I am fulfilling slowly but surely, I consider that my body is a temple I like to take care of it a lot in every way and give it what is necessary so that it always looks good, I have a car I like the speed but I miss my old motorcycle in ovations I would like to have a supe moto and go travel. thanks for listening to me a little

100 gay %

May 24th @ 4:34am EDT

hi of new my beautiful guys many of you already knew my role as bixesual but I have a news for several months I have declared 100% gay and I want to thank you because many of you have shown me how nice it is to be gay, you know here they have me and always pleasing them in everything. Kisses

I have felt alone

May 24th @ 4:32am EDT

Sometimes even the most popular person in the world usually feels lonely and because of things in life now I'm feeling this way and I must confess something when I feel alone my only refuge is you then I ask that when you feel alone, they turn to me for sure I'm going to get a big smile and I'll give you the pleasure of supporting them in everything they want

because I'm a model wepcam

May 24th @ 4:28am EDT

Many people always ask that kind of questions, here I am going to leave the real answer because I am a model the answer is very simple, through the times I have been developing that the strongest idea which makes the decision to be modleo is because I love fetishes, I love gestures when I propose to please them in what they ask me and it is like a drug if not full of pleasure to someone I feel that I am not fulfilling my role in the world

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