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Nandos George

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In those eyes hides a real pleasure.
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Oct 13th @ 12:27am EDT

Perfection exists only in the minds of people. It is unreal. Imagine, create, improve. There is no limit to perfection


Oct 5th @ 5:20am EDT

Ask a person whether he is happy or not, and you will learn how to make him happy.

Sexual fantasy

Sep 28th @ 7:03pm EDT

It would be great to try to have sex in free fall. On a parachute. It's a crazy idea, but it's worth it. How do you like this sexual fantasy?


Sep 24th @ 6:02am EDT

What is your sport? Watching football or hockey in front of the TV? or is it going to the gym in order to make yourself and your body better? or is it a game with friends on the Playground in football basketball?

Love yourself

Nov 11th @ 8:29pm EST

As you know you don't love yourself nobody will praise. There is no such person who would not have achieved all achieve something and reach if you praise yourself, then you will have the confidence and you want to move forward and achieve new heights.

The number

Oct 14th @ 9:59pm EDT

The number of fools there is a certain sect called the hypocrites, who continuously learn to deceive themselves and others, but others more than themselves, but in reality deceive themselves more than others.

Just as even the finest

Sep 18th @ 12:41am EDT

Just as even the finest body is not free from dirt and musty fumes, so even the noblest character is not free from bad qualities, and sometimes the greatest genius is not devoid of limitations.

consider a person

Sep 13th @ 8:29pm EDT

If you want to consider a person and his soul, not delve into how he is silent, or as he says, or how he cries, or how he's worried the noblest ideas, and look at it better when he laughs. Good laughs man â" so good.

True friends)

Sep 12th @ 11:59pm EDT

You know these tracks that don't have enough space for three, and one remains behind, and it is considered to be a person without friends? So, one such path was three, apparently, another. The two quietly walked, and carried a third in his arms, on his throne) they made my day.

camping trip.

Jul 22nd @ 11:42pm EDT

When I was in sixth grade, our entire class went on a camping trip. All the guys took cameras and filmed our trip. Back at the school, we began to look and show each other all camera pictures, when suddenly, one girl said, âOH! WHAT IS IT?â

They all ran to her to see what she saw. One photo was shot the boy in our class when he was sitting in the bus. In this photo, there was nothing strange, if not for his reflection in the window.

His face in the reflection of the window looked yellow and bloated, disfigured and distorted, and behind him was some kind of white shadow. Looking closer, it became clear that it was the skull. It was awful.

When the boy saw the photos, he started crying, and he freaked out. Everyone in class was scared. The class teacher sent the boy to the infirmary, and forbade us all to discuss this case.

Seven days later the boy died due to a brain tumor.

Franz Kafka

Jul 19th @ 1:15am EDT

Living in Berlin, Franz Kafka every day stroll in the Park. There he one day met a little girl who lost the doll and was crying loudly. Kafka offered to help her in the search to meet at the same place the next day. The doll of the famous writer, of course, is not found. But brought written from her face the letter. "Please don't be upset with my absence, was read aloud to the writer. â" I went on a journey to see the world. I will write you about all my adventures." The next few weeks they met in the Park, and the writer read the girl's letter, in which the doll paints described your trip. Soon Kafka had a worsening of tuberculosis, and he needed to go to a sanatorium in Vienna. Before this trip, which writer's latest, Kafka met with the girl and gave her the doll. She was totally not like that that girl was once lost. But it came with a note: "Travel changed me."

Pretend that you're good

Jul 16th @ 10:57pm EDT

Pretend that you're good.
Smile, to love.
If the friend has betrayed the left
Be sure to the spiritual power.
If you came home broken
And cried in an empty apartment,
Know that will soon subside the sadness and the pain,
If true spiritual power.

There is only

Jul 8th @ 9:47pm EDT

There is only one form of intimacy, which does not inhibit the development of the personality and does not cause contradictions and loss of energy is a Mature love; with this term I denote the full intimacy between two people, each of which retains full independence and a sense separateness. Love truly does not cause conflicts and does not lead to energy loss, because it combines two deep human needs: closeness and independence.

But what is it?

Jul 5th @ 9:57pm EDT

But what is it? The wind suddenly swooped down and flew; the air trembled round: it is not thunder? You get out of the ravine... what a lead strip on the horizon? The heat there gets denser? If a cloud is coming? But the weak flash of lightning... uh, Yes, it's a storm! Around still the sun shines brightly: hunt is still possible. But the storm-cloud grows; its front edge is extended by a sleeve, leans arch. Grass, bushes, everything suddenly went dark... Soon! there, it seems, is seen in the hay barn... hurry... You ran, walked...
What is the rain? What is lightning? Somewhere through the thatched roof dripped water on the fragrant hay... But here is the sun again began to play. The storm had passed; you go out. My God, how fun sparkles all around, as the air is fresh and liquid, the smell of strawberries and mushrooms!..

You can become

Jul 4th @ 10:18pm EDT

You can become a "love magnet", attracting partners, without any effort. You ask, how? For business or pleasure. The actions which brings pleasure, evoke the same psychological state as what we are experiencing when you are in a state of love. The trick is that when there's love, we leave joyful and give us the pleasure classes, but they make us even more attractive. To love and be loved â" natural state, so we don't have to do to find love. Once you do remove obstacles in your life will definitely appear love.

We think of ourselves

Jun 27th @ 12:32am EDT

We think of ourselves, that we are all involved in this love: each of us loves something, someone... But it's not a love that expects us to Christ?.. From an endless amount of events and people we choose related to us, include them in your expanded "I am" and love them. But they should move a little bit away from what we have elected them, as we will solem on them a full measure of hatred, contempt, at best - indifference. This is human, carnal, natural feeling, are often very valuable in this world, but lose its sense in the light of eternal life. It is fragile, easily turns into its antithesis, takes a demonic character.

Never say

Jun 24th @ 8:55pm EDT

Never say:"I love you!" If you really don't feel it... Never talk about feelings if they are there... Never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart... Never say, about our future, because it is then just words... Never look into my eyes, if they lie... Never say Hello to me, if you want to say goodbye... Never say hurts me, I know I'll be alone...v

Hi guys I'm glad

Jun 21st @ 10:17pm EDT

Hi guys I'm glad to see you all in my room and I think you just glad to see me now I started again to lose weight and think my body is very good will be seen the relief the beauty of my body .

The worst lie

Jun 20th @ 9:28pm EDT

The worst lie is the one we tell ourselves before going to sleep. We whisper to her in her sleep, convincing ourselves that we are happy or he is happy; that you can change yourself or it will change the decision; persuade yourself that you can accept the loss. Every night before bed, we lie to ourselves in the desperate, vain hope that the lies will become the truth.


Jun 18th @ 7:26pm EDT

Homesickness is not always a vague, nostalgic and even a wonderful feeling, how we think used to provide. It can be sharp, and turn into a disease, not metaphorically, but literally. It can change the views of people in life. Faces in the street become for him not indifferent, and even repulsive and malevolent. Homesickness is a real disease, the pain of the uprooted plants.

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