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Anderson Rendon

Customers rated Anderson Rendon 5 out of 5 based on 55 reviews

leave your wishes in my hands that I'll take care of making it come true !!!
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andy wishes

Jun 23rd @ 5:41pm EDT

good afternoon to all my followers once again I want to talk a little more about me, I've always wanted to find the perfect way to please them to the limit but that more of me depends on you, that gives me the confidence to put all your wishes In my hands, let me show you that I can make you very happy in different ways I invite you to come into my room and realize how interesting I can be, happy rest of the day

my next vacations

Jun 23rd @ 1:06am EDT

good night thank you once more quered to know a little more about me, this time the theme is my new holidays and I would love to hear options and suggestions I want these new holidays to be different and special it is time to rest after a hard year of work and very successful and I owe everything to you, that each one has given me the confidence to put all their wishes in my hands for that and much more I say a thousand and a thousand thanks

cook another great taste

Jun 23rd @ 1:02am EDT

I have gone through most of Colombia trying and cooking new flavors and increasingly I say that Colombian food is the best and more if it is cooked by me, I have developed my talent and for several years I think I have the gift of a good chef to whom Nobody to stop congratulating me after tasting each dish always receive applause and smiles of gratitude, and you tell me ready to test my dishes?

un sueño por cumplir

May 30th @ 10:28pm EDT

Hello again I am here talking a little more about me and I wanted to tell you that I have a dream and that big dream is to travel to Paris, it is so beautiful what they say to me from Paris that I always start watching videos of Paris and I get excited So much that it has become a big dream for you I hope you can do it I would aria the happiest man in the world, and if you are Paris I invite you to tell me a little more about the beautiful Paris

una pasión mas !!!

May 30th @ 8:16pm EDT

good night my guys readers here I have a passion but I mean I'm not very good but little by little I'm perfecting my notes, I love the guitar the melodies take me to heaven, I love playing my guitar in the forest just sunset with a glass of wine, sounds romantic do not you think? I invite you to keep me company while you delight with my company and my notes. Beware that you can fall in love haha ââ:)

A little about me

May 30th @ 8:11pm EDT

Hi, how are you? It's a pleasure that you're reading this. My name is Anderson and you want to know who Anderson is? let me tell you a little more about me I am a person who has a mix between daring and shy and my best role is to be very complacent, I like to sport the gym jogging in the mornings, I am just like you a person with dreams and goals that day to day I am fulfilling slowly but surely, I consider that my body is a temple I like to take care of it a lot in every way and give it what is necessary so that it always looks good, I have a car I like the speed but I miss my old motorcycle in ovations I would like to have a supe moto and go travel. thanks for listening to me a little

100 gay %

May 24th @ 4:34am EDT

hi of new my beautiful guys many of you already knew my role as bixesual but I have a news for several months I have declared 100% gay and I want to thank you because many of you have shown me how nice it is to be gay, you know here they have me and always pleasing them in everything. Kisses

I have felt alone

May 24th @ 4:32am EDT

Sometimes even the most popular person in the world usually feels lonely and because of things in life now I'm feeling this way and I must confess something when I feel alone my only refuge is you then I ask that when you feel alone, they turn to me for sure I'm going to get a big smile and I'll give you the pleasure of supporting them in everything they want

because I'm a model wepcam

May 24th @ 4:28am EDT

Many people always ask that kind of questions, here I am going to leave the real answer because I am a model the answer is very simple, through the times I have been developing that the strongest idea which makes the decision to be modleo is because I love fetishes, I love gestures when I propose to please them in what they ask me and it is like a drug if not full of pleasure to someone I feel that I am not fulfilling my role in the world

a sunny day

May 24th @ 4:25am EDT

I love sunny days, they are like my relaxing dose because in the sun my body is full of energy besides putting my body much more sensual, I love more than some of you in the not too distant future I will anoint a little bronzer in my back while the sun burns as always, while we share a glass of wine

There are different ways

May 24th @ 4:21am EDT

There are different ways to give pleasure to a man and I am here to experience each and every one of them, let me enter your mind and find the smallest detail that gives you pleasure to turn it into reality, because that is my passion to give and receive pleasure, If you share your ideas I promise to be the most complacent man in the world for you

very erotic story

Nov 12th @ 4:48pm EST

I hate having to wake up to discard what my body does not need, going to the bathroom in the morning is what most angers me, get up from the warm mattress to go down to the toilet on the first floor. I try to forget the need to get up but I can not avoid the accumulation of cum. I curse a couple of times before taking the slippers, I take a blanket and cover my back. I leave the room noticing the change in temperature, the hallway is almost freezing, I walk towards the stairs.
-Good morning young- I listen to my left.
\"Damn!\" I say surprised. -Alfredo, you scared me, do you also work on Saturdays? - I ask still with my heart racing.
-Excuse me if I scared him, it was not my intention- he says mockingly. -Your dad asked me to finish installing what is missing today.
-Okay, do not worry, the good thing is that from tomorrow I will not have to go down to relieve myself- I conclude by descending the stairs in a hurry. An accident will happen if I do not get to the toilet in time.
Something has the men who are dedicated to heavy work that attract me, there is something in them that makes me vulnerable making my heart beat rapidly. Alfredo is one of those men who make a living in the field of construction, a young man, middle-aged, friendly and responsible according to my f
father. From what I\'ve heard he\'s married, he has two the oldest is a teenager, but what attracts me the most is his masculinity, in each breath he says virility, his brown skin from exposure to the sun makes me melt, his body Perfect conditions, it seems as if the GYM never came out, but it\'s not like that, the kind of work he does has been responsible for sculpting his almost perfect body. Alfredo is deceitful, he manages to intimidate you at first sight because of his great size, he is a big and strong man but, when chatting with him you can realize his little ability to do evil.
I leave the toilet a bit different, I have given a pair of folds to the pajama elastic to highlight a little of my attributes, I love the way in which the flannel is introduced right in the middle of my glutes defining them with the naked eye. I enjoy the sensation of rubbing on my buttocks as I climb the stairs.
I curse in my mind while I enjoy the panorama that fate has given me. Half of Alfredo\'s body is under the sink, leaning up with legs retracted, I see nothing but I like to see the men get dirty while they work.
-And ... Is it much to finish? - I ask as I approach him a little.
-No, I just finished glueing this piece and the handwashing will be ready-
-But ... Are you sure that only lacks that? - I question him while low to where he is, I kneel trying to see what he does while my face is in the middle of his legs flexed, just above the button of his pants. Alfredo is predictable, begins to get nervous as usual, tries to articulate a word but the nerves beat him, I notice how his breathing is fast and short, he tries to stand up but it hinders him, I do not let him out.
-Well, I leave it to not distract him more- I stand up but not without first throwing a subtle look, trying to communicate how much it attracts me.
I cross the short corridor and I go to my room just to take a clean towel and low quickly.
I experience a strong erection just remembering the worker, the excitement takes over me while I shower and pass the soap through my genitals, I close my eyes remembering the occasion when Alfredo worked in the garden without a shirt last summer, I enjoyed seeing how the sweat ran through every part of his body, I was delighted to see how the sweat of his back was lost when he reached the dividing groove of his remarkable buttocks, he enjoyed seeing him dirty from work, seeing him as his muscles contracted while using his beak and shovel. For a moment I think about the erotic memories but I can not, I am weak, my mouth feels dry, my body warm, not only because of the shower but because of the reaction I have when I am close to the owner of my fantasies. I get out of the shower with only a white towel hanging from my waist, I go up to the second floor while the pressure increases me. +

-If you are offered something, do not hesitate to call me- I say as I walk towards my door making my butt move more than usual. I avoid closing the door completely with the intention of letting myself be seen.
With his back to the door, I let the towel fall in total, I walk from place to place all over the room trying to be seen by him, I do not worry about what I can get my clothes, I walk with such naturalness that I almost forget that I\'m not dressed, I take command and turn on the radio, the station plays one of my favorite songs, EDEN of my favorite group, I jump into bed to enjoy the song. The song ends and from the comfort of my soft mattress I turn off the radio, burying my face against it.
l mattress.-Young, young! - is heard from the other side of the door. -Forward - I only come to tell you that I\'m done- he says as he looks towards the wall. \"Excuse me, I did not think ...\" Do not worry, you have nothing to apologize, \"whispered.\" Well, I\'m retiring, \"he says while his face is against the wall.\" No, \"I answer. \"Would not you like to rest a little before going home?\" \"I\'m fine, thank you,\" he says hesitantly. \"Would you mind answering me?\" \"Whatever you say,\" she answers as she turns in my direction. point of dying, I fear for a fulminating heart attack, the heart rate is altering, he thinks he is suffering from the same evil, he seems scared, confused and uncomfortable, Alfredo is standing there without any movement, static, does not produce any gesture, his eyes are the only ones that seem to have life, I can tell how he looks at me, his gaze I feel to go from head to toe, pauses to reach my naked buttocks, erection I feel it to the maximum but I have it trapped against the bed. Come, come closer, I murmur. Alfredo does not say anything, he still does not move, he seems to be shocked but he takes a short step and immediately retracts him. I realize that he is about to flee. I stand up and slowly walking towards him, Alfredo steps back a couple of steps until his back against the wall. \"Do not freak out,\" I say as I turn my back, I take his hands wrapping my waist with them, I feel insignificant in front of him, his arms are not of a simple man, those are of a male that works hard, his beautiful forearm caresses with sensuality my skin that burns like one of the hells, I start to take a couple of steps bringing with me Alfredo that comes next to me As I walk I lift my buttocks a little to reach to touch his crotch, but I do not achieve it, it is much higher. I turn around and direct him to the edge of the bed to take a seat. \"It\'s time to take a break,\" I whisper as I make him slide on the mattress and I ride over him leaving my buttocks on the zipper of his pants. body on his to reach his neck, I move the waist in circles trying to awaken the libido of Alfredo while exhaling in his ear causing a chill making me unconsciously know that he liked to have my breath close. I open the first half of his plaid shirt revealing the hairy chest of a typical Mexican man, small dark laughter adorned majestic but natural pectorals, I discover a little more to let you appreciate his dark nipples, I approach to give a lick leaving it dampened, I descend a little more and I get rid of the second half of his shirt, exposing the hair path that goes from the navel, losing the line under the pants. I look up at his eyes, he looks different, he\'s not the same as always, he shows a side that until now he had not been able to know, the look of desire invaded him, I challenge his gaze as I get rid of the button on his pant, he realizes and reacts, tries to stop me but I\'m persistent, I slide down the zipper quickly, his body is incorporated and in a moment of desperation I put my hand under his shorts taking his glans to enter my mouth. I have to go- says. Between my lips I imprison the erect glans of Alfredo, completely retracted the foreskin while I suck the tip of the penis causing him to moan while his body falls collapsed, the way the sound comes out of the throat is encouraging, invites keep sucking harder, I do it and his body retracts, I do not know if he likes the way I do it, I do not know if I hurt him but, I know he needs to moan and he does. I pull his trousers hard leaving him naked on the bed, his majestic erection draws attention, as a mast sticks up to the ceiling, wet in its entirety because my saliva seems to model for me, small contractions make it move, Alfredo does not do anything, the protagonist now is that PIECE OF MEAT. I can not help being attracted to that part of Alfredo that has captivated me, black as night, thick as an oak, powerful veins cross it leaving a trace. I pounce on him again, lick, tongue, suck, do it repeatedly until I can feel his testicles rise, suck once more and Alfredo utters a hoarse moan. \"Stop, stop!\" He murmurs desperately as his body almost He experiences a convulsion. I stop. I take his penis with my hands retracting the foreskin again, I lubricate a little while I rub it, I start slowly, so much that it seems desperate, with the other hand I take it from the testicles, I massage them a little , scrotum shot and he seems to like it, I masturbate him with a little more speed while I massage the perineum now. He twists with pleasure. I slide and take the initial position, I\'m on Alfredo, sitting with the open legs on his abdomen, I take a little saliva between my fingers and the point from the tip to the base of his glans, I get up enough to feel the tip of his penis right in the middle of my buttocks, I descend a little until I feel him close, Alfredo realizes what I\'m trying to do and tries to get up, he takes me by the legs to try to get rid of me, I did not allow him, nor am I going to allow him now. I enter the entire length of that black uncircumcised cock of a single siton, the pain invaded me instantly felt dying, the worst decision I have taken, it seemed that I split in two, without any stimulation I have penetrated with a large trunk of flesh, it was awful to feel all that erectile piece inside, I moaned, I screamed, I tried to get up but Alfredo flexed his body, he was trapped between his thighs and his chest, the sphincter tried to close causing me even more pain. Alfredo changes suddenly, the look is not the same, I do not see the fear of the beginning, he seems a completely different man. -Then this is what you wanted for a long time? - Whispers while his hands wrap around my waist, his fingers press hard hurting me, I keep on him but in the blink of an eye Alfredo is on me wrapping me with fury, tries to be introduced as much as possible in me, his testicles hit my buttocks with each swing, he has become an animal, the penetrations are stabbings that come and go, the pain is little compared to what I feel at this moment. His eyes in white make it look like he enjoys it, now it is he who has the command, now it is he who punishes me, the one who fucks me like a savage. Take my nipples pulling them, scream, hurt me pear at the same time makes me feel the slut fucked the slum. - For a moment I say supplicant, this man has punished me but, it is me who is to blame, no matter what Joy, even the pain is enjoyed. \"You wanted to cock, I\'ll give you cock,\" he whispers as he presses my nipples hard as I carelessly insert his dark cock. As if he were a rag doll he turns me around and makes me look like a bitch, he takes me by the hip and without warning buries his phallus between my buttocks, I moan, I moan again, I gasp in pain and joy. - Yes, well, give me more, please do not stop - Shut up little slut, just moan, moan - whisper while he takes me by the hair pulling them. I only moan. Alfredo\'s body falls collapsed against mine sending me twice more while leaving me flooded with semen, inside I feel the contractions of his cock that spits all that accumulation of masculine fluids. Gimo. Little by little Alfredo abandons me , I can feel how his penis comes out little by little touching my sphincter. - This will leave you without hunger for a while, bitch - he says while with his finger he cleans the remnants of semen that lie on his cock leaving him on my back. He does not waste time dressing, he does not say a word, he seems to have returned to be the same serious man of always. \"Young man, I have to go, have a good day,\" he says as he leaves the room.

a small invitation

Mar 21st @ 8:54pm EDT

Hello my guys Favorites always is a pleasure to greet you all I do it with love and always thinking in each and every one of you who always fill my room of pleasure stories and big moments I do them a little invitation to my room where insurance I'll take big crazy laughter and pleasure, I hope to see you soon

happy new year guys

Jan 6th @ 9:07pm EST

Hello my Special guys with much love I wish muca prosperity and a successful new year is that each and every one want me the best here my good wishes to you also make them a great invitation to my room where we have a little fun and know your more deep desire for pleasure, I hope that all your new wishes come true this new year

happy beginning of week

Jun 6th @ 8:34am EDT

Hello to all my guys send them a big Hello and wish you a great success this week I send a giant kiss and here I am in my room eager to please you, wanting to laugh with you a great time make special show as you like here I am ready for you. Remember you that you can count on me for what you need always is a pleasure to help you I send a thousand kisses take care of you

good morning guys

May 10th @ 11:08am EDT

good morning to all my guys I hope to share with you great experiences this week and be able to please you in everything you want here will be to your get ready and with my trained body and energy for you, care for you happy beginning of week

new experiences

Apr 27th @ 10:41pm EDT

has always loved to be a very curious guy that I love to meet all the fetishes that can me crazy horny, from private more small to the bigger always are special for this in this medium you want to ask me to confess which is the fetish that I don't get told by penalty will leaves worthwhile that I am here to please you

welcome to my room

Apr 18th @ 10:29am EDT

hello again here I am expressing myself a bit first of all I love to say hello and know how are you,
one sees more good starts a week where I love it for sure please you in a private large, full of pleasure and love and great fetishes that you like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, remember I love meeting new people, do not be shy to say hello and start a great chat

plans for the weekend

Apr 11th @ 8:38pm EDT

hello my best friends is a pleasure to prepare them this little story, well my name is anderson purposes SEMAA I like the morning train or jogging in the mountains after going to the gym in the afternoon I like to go far to pool me back lol crazy at night and always I enjoy a good restaurant with a very good company that could be you;) I like a sena romantica and candles and of course a great wine and always enjoying a company like yours

You want to know a little more about me

Mar 31st @ 3:21am EDT

hi this small block is to know a little more about me. meusta be very friendly with toas people I love going to the gym, I love meeting people with a great heart as well as the many pleasures I love to do with you, I really enjoy knowing all your fetishes and hope every day to please you in everything, good I give you a thousand kisses cuídate g

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